About Us

Moonlight Mystic Treasures - 
The journey to reach this point has been a long one. I have always had a passion for creating, ever since I was a kid. I had dabbled on and off in different mediums, but hadn't found that true passion. Back in November of 2020, I was put in a position to choose my health, or the typical 9 to 5 job. Initially, we were Britnae's Custom Creations, but over the next few months, I tested and tried different avenues, before realizing that I wanted to share my love of Crystals and the Mystic side of things with others, thus Moonlight Mystic Treasures was born. The journey is not ending here, but rather just beginning.
Clairly Mad Designs - 
Welcome to Clairly Mad Designs, named for my daughters as it is a play on their names. They are my inspiration in finally following my dream of sharing my art with the world. Due to some health conditions I have been unable to pursue employment outside of my home, however that has only encouraged me in my creative pursuits. At this time Clairly Mad will feature handcrafted jewelry and headbands, but will grow to include hand knitted housewares, and soon sewn clothing.
Clairly Mad is an Autistic Owned company.
Amabella Designs - 
Welcome to Amabella designs, a concept born of a desire to create and step outside of what our modern world sees as conventional. I have always loved working with gemstones and I'm continuously learning more about them and their uses. Along with stones and crystals, I strive to learn about the use of herbs, both in spiritual and medicinal ways. My hope is that I can use this knowledge to help others, both within my Reiki practice and other pursuits. Life from 2020-2021 has brought about much change for us all, and a major change in my life has made holding a traditional job impractical at this time. This has encouraged me to put my craft to practical use. Currently Amabella designs consists primarily of jewelry and knitted bags but I hope to be able to expand and offer more specialized products including products dyed with natural, homemade dyes. In the near future, I hope to be able to offer my Reiki services as well in various ways through this site.